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Amazing lotion!  I love that it is natural. I definitely recommend all scents! Thank you for your great product! 

Absolutely love the lotion! I generally am not a big lotion person as it can leave a sticky feeling, but this stuff is smooth like butter and soaks into your skin. Love it! On my second jar! Pine is my favorite scent!

Alex from Missoula, MT

​​Wonderful shopping experience. I bought a couple small jars of lotion. All are fantastic! She had them ready within a day and even dropped them off for me.

Michelle from CT

Stephanie from Missoula, MT

If there were ever a time to test a hand lotion, this is it! What could ever top a global virus requiring continual hand washing where every suds-up strips your skin of its moisture?!

Last Christmas, my daughter gave me a jar of Mountain Glow. I began using it straightaway with all the holiday cooking, baking, and therefore, hand washing. It was fabulous! The deeply penetrating coconut, grapeseed, avocado, olive, and flaxseed oils along with the soothing beeswax really soaked into my skin. My fingers had even been cracking open and bleeding from all the washing and drying I was putting them through, but Mountain Glow's Healing Lotion stopped all of that. My hands became my own again!

Recently, we were all slammed with the arrival of COVID-19 and the requisite continual handwashing. Even through this grueling ordeal, I have managed to keep my hands smooth and supple day after day. I cannot recommend this product enough!!

And, with so many scents to choose from, how can you go wrong? This stuff is FANTASTIC!!!! Two thumbs up!!

Wonderful all natural lotion. Keeps you from being all ashy and dry. Great smells too!

David from CT

I absolutely love this lotion!. It's by far the best lotion. It goes on smooth and has a wonderful warming effect to it. I need to order more!!!

Brenda from NY

Jan from NC

I've never really been much of a lotion guy. But, being that I am a cook, my hands tend to get dry, burnt, or cut. After a friend gave me some Mountain Glow Lotion, I started putting some on my hands every night and it's soo nice. My hands definitely stay smoother, and it seems to help heal any nicks or marks. Plus it smells great and helps me relax after a long shift in the kitchen warzone!. Orange Clove is so good and I wanna eat some. Hm.....perhaps I'll give it a try... ;)

Jeremy from OR

AMAZING PRODUCTS! I wanted to get away from the harsh products that store-brand lotions have, so I decided to try the salve. This is an amazing product that leaves my skin smooth and glowing, the best part is I can pronounce everything on the label and it has amazing oils that help my skin...not hurt it. I also have the body scrub that made my skin so smooth, and the scent is amazing. Once you try these products you will be a life-long customer!

Salina from Missoula

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