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Healing Beeswax Salve - large

Healing Beeswax Salve - large


Our beeswax salve is great for dry and sensitive skin. You will find your skin healed. While store bought lotion, which contains 90% water, leaves your skin just as dry as when you started. Washing your money down the drain.



Beeswax has so many amazing skin benefits! Beeswax contains anti-inflammatory properties which speed up the healing of wounds. It also has a high vitamin A content which has been shown to support cell reproduction. Your skin will be glowing! Beeswax also works as a barrier sitting on top of your skin. This protects you from environmental changes such as pollution. Since this is an all natural wax it does not clog your pores at all.


Use Mountain Glow Beeswax Salve to heal your skin long term.


As you can see by the ingredients listed below there are a lot of great oils in this product. This means a little goes a long way! Start off with a tiny pea size amount on your hands and then add more as your skin tells you what it needs.


Great as all all over body lotion, including your face and hair. For all skin types!


Ingredients : Beeswax (locally sourced from Wustner Brothers), Coconut Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Avocado Oil, Olive Oil, Flaxseed Oil, various essential oils for the scent

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