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There comes a time...

      In the past 6 years I have travelled, explored, pushed my limits, and learned who I am as a woman. I am so grateful for all of my lifechanging experiences, especially living in the vibrant community of Missoula, MT. This is the bittersweet moment in my life when I have to say goodbye to the west in which I've fallen so deeply in love with. My heart will always be in these mountains and communities. However, it is time to move onto the next chapter in my life. Originally from the east coast, I am excited to revisit where I am from and truly immerse myself and appreciate everything New England has to offer.

      If you are wondering "Where am I suppose to get this luxurious hand salve anymore?" I am taking the next year off to settle in my new home and adjust to life in Vermont. I hope to start officially producing Mountain Glow products again in 2023. However, if you need some products before that time please message or email me and I will be happy to make it in a small batch for you as long as you can understand it might take a bit longer than normal. I will start producing small batched at the end of May by request only.

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